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Nestled between fjord and forest, Oslo combines contemporary architecture and Scandinavian spirit. A peaceful and trendy oasis and a vast exploration ground for art lovers, unveiling on its perimeter a collection of galleries and quality museums - the Munch Museum, the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Contemporary Art, the National Museum for art, architecture and design, the Fram museum on the Bygdoy peninsula... At once urban, land and sea, the Norwegian capital is reveals its gigantic buildings in picturesque villages, from islands to forests pine and larch. Always with a look towards nature and its benefactor fjord.

To take full advantage of this citytrip, we have put several highlights on your calendar, starting with a protocol officer (and resident of Oslo), for a privileged discovery of his city. The capital in the original version with subtitles, so to speak.

Our favorite ? A seafood dinner on the island of Herben, accessible only by ferry.


A short walk from the port of Oslo, Tjuvholmen's burgeoning district sees a plethora of galleries, trendy tables and boutiques, new buildings with clean lines, signed by the biggest names in Scandinavian architecture. Your hotel faces the Museum of Modern Art, Astrup Fearnley - which has provided some works of art and a guaranteed entrance ticket for each guest. It focuses on a neat decor, a licked design, a service to care and an atmosphere ultra-connected to new technologies. However, nothing cold at all: the hotel was thought above all as a cocoon made of warm colors, voluptuous materials and spa benefactor. The interiors display contemporary photographs, design suspensions, ambient music just suggested. In the room: exceptional bedding, soft lighting, flat screen controlled by tablet, all arranged in declinations of black, ocher and brown. Breakfasts and brunches treated at the weekend, cocktails at the bar and on the roof terrace, at the last light of the day...


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