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Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Because it takes us truly "to the end of the world", this journey is for explorers in the soul, travelers seeking new territories and exclusive experiences, far from everything and far from the world. Beyond the Arctic Circle, even beyond the North Cape, Spitzberg is the largest island in the Svalbard Archipelago. A land of mystery, formerly reserved for trappers and whalers, this extreme tip in the north of Norway is gradually opening up to a few privileged travelers, without losing its proud character and natural beauty. It is THE Great North, of explorers, scientists but also polar bears – and all abundant and spectacular wildlife: walruses, reindeers, seals and other swarms of seabirds. Summer stretches here from June to September, although mid-April already marks the installation of the midnight sun. The phenomenon, more and more pronounced as one climbs in latitude, ensures almost permanent days, milder and more stable temperatures, and the development of the flora. In Longyearbyen, for example, it lasts from mid-April to the end of August. A season conducive to the discovery of Arctic Norway under the prism of outdoor activities: hiking, quad biking, wildlife watching cruise, sea kayaking, dog sledding...


Direct landing in Tromsø. 69 ° 39 '30' 'North: The capital of Northern Norway and Gateway to the Arctic is the largest urban center established at such latitudes, which has been the starting point for many expeditions polar. An introduction to the history of trappers and explorers in Arctic regions at the Polar Museum, a panoramic view from the top of the cable car, a hot coffee on the harbor and a detour through the Arctic Cathedral, then heading to the Svalbard archipelago. One settles in a base camp of the center of Longyearbyen, the most northerly village of the globe, on the island of Spitsbergen. The tiny "capital" of Svalbard with its colorful houses is the starting point for your two scheduled expeditions. The first two days of zodiac, hiking and guided tour, to reach the station Isfjord Radio, located in Kapp Linné, at the end of the Isfjorden, and reconverted into an unusual address. On the way back to Longyearbyen, you visit the Russian mining community of Barentsburg, testimony of another time. The second, a day of hiking in the mountains around Longyearbyen, prolongs the discovery of the landscapes of Spitzberg and reveals exceptional points of view.

In order to take travelers to the end of the world, this journey relies on an outstanding logistics – flights, private transfers, well-rated hotels – to concentrate on the essential: the change of scenery brought by the polar lands. And in case of unforeseen logistics, advice or last minute desire, your protocol officer is your caretaker in Norway, accompanying you throughout the trip.


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