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This journey takes us to the far reaches of Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, into the wilds of Finnmark. Far from the crowds, where the sun disappears behind the horizon for two months. Vast immaculate uplands, the "white desert" reveals all its mysteries at nightfall under the ballet of the aurora borealis, the Northern Lights.

A journey that is intended especially for adventurers curious to discover the world through new territories. With your protocol officer to support, we take the wheel on the snowy roads, with the ultimate feeling of freedom from crossing these vast silent expanses.

We huddle together to better face the cold, we adapt to the changing daylight, we improvise ourselves musher or fisherman for a day. And in-between intense experiences in the great outdoors, we will not forget to give real moments of relaxation: cosy home, relaxing spa and fragrant grog.

From Tromsø to the North Cape, via Alta, take the time to discover this end of the world, aboard a car or a sled, in a private house on the edge of water, with memorable experiences such as sleeping in an ice hotel, or meeting and living with the locals.


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