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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

The essence of this trip is twofold: combine two trips, and think outside the box. Choose two confidential regions: Norwegian Lapland and the Lofoten Archipelago in winter, to avoid the crowds.

In Lapland, we adopt the Lapp lifestyle as we imagine: outdoor experiences (dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing), restorative sauna, wood fire and soft blankets. And the Lofoten Islands carry with them the image of virgin Scandinavian nature, stretched out as far as the eye can see. With its mountains cut by fjords, its undulating meadows and its fishing villages huddled in the coves, the archipelago corresponds perfectly to what it suggests. A complete destination, which seems to exist for the simple pleasure of contemplation. And if the summer season begins to attract crowds, winter, meanwhile, guarantees peace and privileged explorations. As a result, this journey is aimed at pioneer minds, sportspeople and gourmets, lovers of the beautiful and varied landscapes. This is one of the strong points of these two regions, apart from the fact that you will meet few visitors there: nature will reveal a great diversity.

Unique addresses, Nordic activities, and gourmet tables

To immerse yourself in the immaculate surroundings of these two Nordic regions, we have scheduled a sample of polar activities, starting with a snowmobile ride in Lapland. Crossing the kilometers of wilderness allows you to better grasp the amplitude of the Lapland areas while indulging in the pleasures of fast sliding. Another must-do: snowshoeing, an attractive way to explore the landscapes of the Lofoten hinterland.

The discovery of the islands by sea will be done by kayak, for a wonderful feeling of freedom.

After these efforts, you will taste the delicate Nordic gastronomy - three gourmet dinners are already reserved, in selected settings. Finally, although still limited in numbers, these regions offer establishments with an original design, perfectly integrated into their environment, which add an additional touch setting this trip apart. Open the itinerary with the ice hotel, and finish it with the traditional fisherman's cabin. Naturally, you are free to modify the itinerary's order and content, to add other experiences to the agenda (dog sledding, horse rides, observation of the northern lights...) or even to extend the journey.


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